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Our retail management software is the cornerstone of our solution.  It has been specifically designed to promote ease of use, speed of transactions and logical thought processes. 

Our software has two distinct components.  The Server component provides a suite of modules for managing data at a central location (ie. Head 
Office or a mobile laptop computer). It supports multiple users on a local area network and can function 'in the cloud' simply by using a VPN or utilising a hosted server.  Additionally, it regularly updates any integrated eCommerce solution with up-to-the-minute stock levels to avoid the embarrassment of selling out-of-stock products to online customers.

The Client component is a fully-functional and feature rich Point-Of-Sale module suited to a variety of retail verticals. It can be installed on one or many POS terminals and supports a range of retail 
peripherals including barcode scanners, receipt printers, customer-facing displays, cash drawers, weighing scales, portable data collectors and label printers.  It communicates across a LAN or WAN to synchronise data with the server.

Our software system has fairly modest demands on hardware, and we have a penchant for reducing e-waste, so we often find ourselves working with customer-supplied hardware featuring legacy operating systems. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 are not a problem for us.


Fast and responsive

Runs on your own network (LAN) so there is no waiting and no slow internet page refreshes

Easy to use

A simple common convention is used across modules to aid quick mastering of the system


All modules included

There are no optional feature modules to purchase.  Every module is already included as standard

Unlimited users

There are no limits to the number of users accessing the server system software


Touchscreen optimised

No need for a mouse or keyboard cluttering up your counter or posing a security issue

Easy on operators

All functions are in the one place on the same screen. No flickering screens means less operator fatigue


Integrated eftPOS

Supported by nearly all major banks, our Linkly integration will virtually eliminate operator errors

Fast and efficient

Using a minimum number of keystrokes, process more customers with more items quickly and easily

Server Features:

Centralised data management and reporting
Multi-store/multi-warehouse stock control
Store Transfers
Label printing — shelf and item
Debtor Payments and Statement Printing
Creditor Payments
Catalogue pricing
Voucher management
Assemblies and recipes
Customer rewards management 
Portable data collector support
Record expenses
Marapost integration
Export reports to Microsoft Excel

Client Features:

Produce professional receipts including your company logo
Normal sales, Lay-bys, Accounts, Pay In/Outs
End-of-day shift balancing
Table number tracking/Kitchen printing
Gift vouchers and Credit Notes
Electronic weighing scale and pre-weighed items
Unlimited and dynamic touchscreen menus
Stock receipting and product creation
Label printing
Store-wide product queries
Training mode
Produce gift receipts
Customer display support with scrolling messages
Weighing scale and pre-weighed items
Email receipts
Provide true digital receipts using 1receipt smart platform